How to increase AdSense CTR?

How to increase AdSense CTR
How to increase AdSense CTR

How to increase AdSense CTR?

Bloggers, do you guys want to know how to increase AdSense CTR? If yes, then through this article we are going to provide complete information on how to increase AdSense CTR (click through rate) by 10%. If your CTR is good then your AdSense CPC can also increase.

In this post, we will also know what is Google AdSense CTR and at the same time, the people who get AdSense Ad Limit, it is because of high CTR, hence increasing the Click Through Rate is also good for your website and AdSense account. No, you should just maintain AdSense CTR between 5% to 12%.

We all know that after AdSense CPC, AdSense CTR is the important thing which can increase or decrease the earning of our Google Adsense. That is why along with increasing the CTR of Google AdSense, one should also focus on increasing the AdSense CPC. Let us see how to increase AdSense CTR or how to Increase AdSense CTR in Hindi.

What is AdSense CTR?

The full form of CTR is “Click Through Rate” and it means the rate at which visitors coming to your website clicked on the ads. Two things play an important role in earning more money from AdSense, one of which is your CPC and the other is your AdSense Page CTR and the higher these two are, the higher your earning will be. Let me explain it to you better with the help of an example.

Suppose 100 people visit a blog every day, then your total traffic will be 100 users and 100 users will get at least 100 page views. Now let us assume that in 100 Page Views, at least 100 Ads Impressions are happening on your blog and there are 5 Clicks, then your CTR will be 5%.

How to increase AdSense CTR
How to increase AdSense CTR

How to increase AdSense CTR? How to increase AdSense CTR?

Friends, to increase AdSense CTR, I am giving you some very important information below, if you follow it, there can be a tremendous increase in your AdSense CTR.

1. Use Blocking Control in AdSense

There is a feature called Blocking Control in Google AdSense, using which you can block those advertisements which do not match the user’s interest, this has a direct impact on your AdSense CTR.

AdSense has such advertisers who pay very little money to Google to run ads, the effect of which is that their ads are not attractive and the user does not even click on them.

The bottom of your blog is related to finance and if Facebook ads appear on your site, then no one will click on those ads because it is quite different from the user’s interest.

2. Do correct ads placement

Ad placement plays the biggest role in increasing CTR because the better you place the ads, the more are the chances that your ads will get clicked and your AdSense CTR will also increase.

If your blog post is of less words then you should not place too many ads otherwise there is a risk of Ad Limit and at the same time you will get very less CPC, hence use minimum ads so that the speed of your website remains good.

If you share high quality content on your blog, you will never get AdSense Low Value Content Error. Let me now tell you where you should place ads so that your AdSense CTR can be increased.

1st Ads
Before Title
2nd AdsBefore Paragraph 1
3rd Ads
After Paragraph 3
4th AdsAfter Paragraph 6
5th AdsAfter Content
6th AdsBefore Comments
Adsense Ads Placement

3. Reduce Bounce Rate

Many bloggers have very high bounce rates because they do not have proper knowledge about how to increase AdSense CTR by reducing the bounce rate. To reduce the bounce rate, you just have to do good internal linking within your post.

If you do internal linking well then the user will read your other posts also and ads will be visible there on which the chances of getting clicked will also increase, as a result your AdSense CTR will increase.

To reduce the bounce rate, you can also focus on increasing the speed of your website and there are many important WordPress plugins using which you can optimize your website.

4. Write high quality content by doing keyword research

Many new bloggers write so badly that as soon as the user comes to their site, instead of reading the post, he immediately goes back, that is why write good posts only after doing Keyword Research in Hindi.

The better you write a post, the longer the user will stay on your website and will also read other posts. During all these processes, a lot of ads will be visible which will also get clicks and your CTR will improve.

5. Increase organic traffic on the blog

There are many bloggers whose website does not have any traffic at all, yet they are worried about how to increase AdSense Ctr? See friends, you should focus on increasing CTR only when your blog is getting good traffic, otherwise there is a risk of AdSense getting disabled.

In Organic Traffic, the user comes to your site from Google by entering keywords and the ads shown at that time are related to the user’s interest, hence they get a lot of clicks and your Adsense CTR increases.

6. Create less categories on the blog

Most of the blogs are multiniche due to which they have the problem of low CTR, so do not make this mistake. The fewer categories there are on your blog, the more ads related to those categories will come and the clicks will also be good.

7. Do not place too many ads

If you place more ads on your website, your ad impressions will be higher and clicks will be less due to which your CTR will be very low. You should place AdSense ads according to your content length. The more posts you write in Word, the more Google AdSense allows you to place ads in between the posts. Friends, if you place more ads now, the speed of your website will also slow down. User Experience will be bad.

8. Use Auto Ads and Manual Ads

If you want to increase your Adsense CTR then use both Auto Ads and Manual Ads, it can prove beneficial for you. It is important that you keep changing the placement of ads so that you can understand where the ads are placed and are getting more clicks.

How to increase AdSense CTR
How to increase AdSense CTR


You keep experimenting, like placing ads at different places, try increasing the speed of your website, by doing this your AdSense CTR will start improving. If you liked the article, then share this article and keep getting our new post information by pressing the Notification Bell.

This was our article How to Increase Adsense CTR – How To Increase Adsense CTR In Hindi and hopefully, by following all the CTR Increasing Tips we have mentioned, your Adsense CTR will definitely be boosted.

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