How to Increase Google AdSense CPC – 7 Best Ways

How to Increase Google AdSense CPC
How to Increase Google AdSense CPC

How to Increase Google AdSense CPC – 7 Best Ways

To know how to increase Google AdSense CPC, read today’s post completely (How to increase AdSense CPC in Hindi) because today we will also tell you about earning high revenue from Google AdSense with less traffic, which can be said in simple language. So I will tell you about increasing AdSense CPC.

Everyone knows that Google AdSense is the best Ad Network in the world and most of the bloggers use Google AdSense to monetize their website and even if it is so, AdSense helps us in earning high revenue.

However, the issue facing bloggers like us is that we are unable to make money because of the extremely cheap CPC (Cost Per Click) of the clicks on our advertisements. If you are troubled by low AdSense CPC then how can you increase Google AdSense CPC? Know through this post.

How to Increase Google AdSense CPC – 7 Best Ways 2024

There are many bloggers who do not understand why the CPC of our website is so low and do not know what to do on their site to increase AdSense CPC and start making wrong strategies. Many bloggers have a lot of traffic on their website but the CPC is so low that they are not able to earn at all. We are writing this post to help such people and follow all the points mentioned by us carefully.

1. Website Niche

If you want to earn more from Google AdSense, then you should choose your website niche very thoughtfully because by choosing a good niche, High CPC is provided to you by AdSense. High CPC is available on website topics related to Internet Marketing, Web Development, Finance, Loan, Gaming and Health etc.

2. Use High CPC Keywords

In earlier times, when there was less competition, AdSense used to provide high revenue to everyone, but now people do keyword research and people get their articles ranked on those keywords which get the highest CPC (Cost Per Click), so that they get quality traffic. Along with Google AdSense there is high earning.

How to Increase Google AdSense CPC
How to Increase Google AdSense CPC

By writing SEO friendly articles, you can rank your post in Google and the organic traffic you get from here will have high CPC because this traffic will be organic but keep one thing in mind that you will get high CPC only when the keyword is with high CPC. I am telling you some points which you have to keep in mind while working-

Do keyword research before writing any post.

Also find out the search volume of the keyword so that you can estimate how much traffic you will get.

Use long-tail keywords so that whatever traffic you get is organic and it is a little easier to rank on long tail keywords.

3. Write High Quality Content

Before writing a blog post, you have to find out what problem the user is searching on Google and what problem he needs to solve, that is, you have to write content in such a way that the user’s problem can be solved.

High quality content means that if you are covering a topic then tell all its parts through that article. Do not provide incomplete information. Once any user comes to your side by writing high quality content. After receiving all the information, he will begin to regularly visit your website.

4. Use Responsive Ad Units

If your website is getting traffic but you are getting low CPC, then somewhere you are not using Responsive Ads. Google itself says that using Responsive ad unit has resulted in increase in AdSense revenue. Is.

You should not use Fixed Ad Unit because by doing so our ads get corrupted in different devices due to which we are not able to earn good earnings.

How to Increase Google AdSense CPC
How to Increase Google AdSense CPC

5. Do correct ads placement

Sometimes what happens is that we are getting good traffic on our site and our ads are getting clicked but still our earning remains very low because we have not placed ads properly on our site.

Whenever you place ads, place ads towards the header of your post i.e. as high as possible because on such ads we get good CPC of clicks and at the same time do not use too many ads. Cost Per Click reduces.

6. Focus on Quality Traffic

No matter how excellent our post is, if we get our traffic from social media, Google will not consider it to be quality traffic and we get less clicks on such traffic due to which we get less Earning and CPC. To bring quality traffic, you should focus on getting organic traffic by getting your article ranked in Google.

7. Convert Website to Multiniche Website

If you have already chosen a niche with low CPC and you are not earning, then convert this blog into a multiniche blog and write high CPC articles gradually as your posts become more high CPC. If you go then CPC will also increase.

How to Increase Google AdSense CPC
How to Increase Google AdSense CPC

Increasing Google AdSense CPC is not a very difficult task, I would just tell you to follow all the steps mentioned in this post properly and easily increase your Adsense CPC.

You keep experimenting, like placing ads at different places, and try changing the niche of your website, by doing this your earnings will start improving. If you liked the article, then share this article and keep getting our new post information by pressing the Notification Bell.

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