How to write SEO-friendly articles that rank fast in Google?

How to write SEO-friendly articles
How to write SEO-friendly articles

How to write SEO-friendly articles that rank fast in Google?

In this post we are going to tell you how to write SEO Friendly Article which will rank fast in Google and at the same time get Organic Traffic, why SEO Optimized Blog Post is important for every blogger, in this article we will tell you and if If you do not know what SEO is then definitely read.

Most bloggers start writing posts by creating a new blog and later on they do not get organic traffic, the main reason for which is not writing SEO friendly articles, Therefore, you need to learn how to write optimized blog posts after starting a blog.

If you write Optimize Blog Post then your posts will rank in Google and you will get traffic from Google as well as earning will also increase. It offers a lot of advantages all around, so let’s learn how to write SEO-friendly articles.

What is SEO Friendly Article?

When we write our article keeping in mind the User Experience and Google’s Ranking rules and with that our blog post ranks on the top position on Google, then this type of written post is called SEO Friendly Article.

How to write SEO-friendly articles
How to write SEO-friendly articles

How to write SEO friendly article?

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization and here you are writing SEO Friendly Article, it means that you are telling Google on which topic your article is written,This allows for search engine optimization of the content. You are doing this which has many benefits like the organic traffic of the site will increase, the article will appear on the first page of Google when searched and at the same time the income will also increase.

Important tips for writing SEO friendly articles are given below, which you should understand and follow.

1. Keyword Research

This question must be coming in your mind that what is keyword research? Let me tell you that keyword is the same which you search in Google, like suppose you search in Google – how to earn money online.

This is your keyword and the next question comes that how should we do Keyword Research? You can take the help of Google to do keyword research, like if you go to search anything in Google then Suggested Keywords are shown below, you can pick the topic from there and at the same time you can use Google Keyword Planner which is absolutely free. From there you can check competition as well as traffic.

Another useful tool for keyword research is Ubbersuggest, which lets you quickly check CPC, Traffic, and SEO Difficulty. However, you can only conduct three or four keyword searches per day with this tool.

While doing keyword research, you should work on Long-Tail Keywords because long-tail keywords rank quickly in Google and with their help you can also get short-tail keywords ranked later.

2. Keep the keyword in the title

To help Google understand what topic you are writing about, make sure the title of your article includes the keyword you are targeting. In Focus Keyword, you have to keep the same keyword in your post title which you are targeting, due to this your article gets ranked quickly.

3. Use keywords in the first paragraph

When you start writing an article, then add your focus keyword in the first 10% content of your article. This is very important according to SEO, but pay attention to one thing, the placement of the keyword should be natural, do not change the form or meaning of the sentence. Needed

By adding your keyword in the first paragraph, you get the advantage that it gets ranked in Google’s search results due to your focus being on the keyboard and it automatically works as Meta Description. If you want, you can also generate Meta Description through the Plugin. Can.

4. Use Heading and Sub-Heading (H2,H3)

Using Heading and Sub-Heading in itself becomes a big task for SEO because only through Heading the reader gets to know what is written in this post. In H2, H3 Heading Tag, add keywords similar to your focus keyword, like suppose my focus keyword is How to Write Seo Friendly Article, then we can write How to Write Seo Optimized Blog Post in the Heading.

5. Bold Related Keywords

When you write an article, a number of related keywords are automatically added. You should highlight these keywords so that Google and readers can both easily understand the post. What is being written inside?

How to write SEO-friendly articles
How to write SEO-friendly articles

6. Use Table of Contents

Using the Table of Contents is essential whether you use WordPress or Blogger because it simplifies understanding of the Google and Reader Content topics. If your post is big and the user needs to read only one particular heading, then he can read his required data by directly visiting it with the help of the table of contents.

7. Outbound Links to High Quality Sites

You are writing an article whose name is “How to create a WordPress website”, then in this you can link WordPress with any other site, like that link can be from Wikipedia because it is a high quality site and Google also ranks it very high. Prefers. There are many such sites like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, all these are high quality sites, you can add links to your sites with all of them.

8. Do Internal Linking

If you are writing about blogging then do interlinking other posts related to blogging, this will reduce your bounce rate and at the same time increase the traffic. Will happen. One more benefit of internal linking is that when you include a ranked article’s link in another post, that post will progressively begin to appear in Google searches as well.

9. Optimize Post URL

Set the URL of the blog post according to the Focus Keyword i.e. Targeted Keyword. Your URL should contain keywords related to the topic. Make an effort to keep your article’s URL short. A good permalink is between 70 and 75 words.

10. Add Meta Description

When you write an article, you add your focus keyword in the first paragraph, but while writing an article in Blogger, You must include your focus keyword in a 160-word meta description that is entered in a specific section of the Search Box. Similarly, in WordPress. In this also there is an option of Excerpt in place of Search Description, which can be understood just like Meta Description.Include a 160-word description with your focus keyword in this as well; it will improve the ranking of your article.

11. Add FAQ Schema

Readers have many questions related to any topic which are searched in Google, that is why all those questions can be answered by putting FAQ Schema in Blog Post, this increases the traffic of your blog as well as Google. Your article ranks with Rich Snippets.

12. Use Alt Tags in Images

Use Alt Tags inside your images if you have a lot of them in your blog post. This tells Google who the image is being displayed for and when it finds all of these details. If you understand then your images get indexed in Google and you start getting traffic through images also.

Q.1- How to write an article?

relaxed atmosphere

Do not use the same words again and again

Write your experience

write short paragraphs

learn to research

write and read

How to write SEO-friendly articles
How to write SEO-friendly articles

Q.2- How many words should the blog be in?

Long writing between 500 to 1000 words is considered best for business. In fact, some bloggers advise against posting anything longer than 600 words since writing a lengthy piece can lead to the addition of pointless details. By writing long blog posts, your posts rank on different keywords which brings traffic and revenue to a blog.

Q.3- What are SEO Friendly Blog Posts?

When we write our article keeping in mind the user experience and Google’s ranking rules and with it our blog post ranks on the top position on Google, then this type of written post is called SEO Friendly Article.

Last words on this article

Friends, I hope that this post has answered all of your questions and shown you how to write SEO-friendly articles. If you liked the article, then share this article on social media given below. Please share with the button and ask us about the next topic related to blogging by commenting. Thanks.

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